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10 Ultimate Tips for Confidence by Ernie Chen is a book that appeals to people from all walks of life – and the turn out the book signing proved it. With tips ranging maximizing heart power to capitalizing on nervous energy – each of the tips has been written with careful consideration of confidence areas that need enhancement. The book is now available as an ebook and can be found by going to

In addition to the book, the influential Ernie also regularly writes self development articles on the website, offering useful tips and techniques on building confidence and answering confidence, psychological and motivational questions from members of the public. He has written 2 other e-books called “10 Ultimate Tips for Entrepreneurs” and “You’re Stupid, Let me tell you why.”


Motivator Extraordinaire Ernie Chen
has released his latest book, “10 Ultimate Tips for Confidence!” The book, consisting of real-life thoughts, advice and case studies based on Ernie’s own experiences as a motivator, speaker and entrepreneur is a handy and powerful reminder for people of any level of confidence. It’s inspiring, it’s interesting and it’s great, so GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!

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