The Entertainer



Ernie is a performance superstar and a Celebrity CEO. One look at his acting, commercials and entertainment CV will tell you why. Ernie up for NTV7’s new corporate reality show “The Firm” because of his love for the business challenges and the world of entertainment. Even now, the highly talented Ernie still finds it important to perfect his stage performance via his speaking engagements and training workshops.

A quick glance at his CV reveals Ernie to be the second hardest working performance superstar in Malaysia. This Jack-of-all-Trades takes on challenging roles given to him and has appeared in hit series such as “Each Other”, “Kopitiam”, “Show me the money” and “Table for Two” that were shown on Malaysian TV by renowned and award winning director, Ng Ping Ho. He’s also done numerous commercial jobs for TV, print and digital media. Among the companies who used the acting services of his entertaining and energy filled personality are Digi, Bumiputra Commerce Bank, McDonald’s, Rhieneck Beer (China), Robitussin, Alliance Bank, The World Wildlife Federation, Time, Kiwikleen and British Petroleum (BP). In addition, Ernie also starred in 2 notable independent feature films “Lips to Lips” and “Sniper” by local renowned directors, Amir Muhammad and James Lee respectively.

On stage, he’s had sterling roles in several plays in the United States (The Fantasticks, The Cardigans, Twelfth Night, Canterbury Tales, A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum, Boy’s Life, Child and Winnie The Pooh and Friends) and Malaysian theatre productions such as A Flight Delayed, The Merchant of Venice and Hamlet.

He has acted alongside some of our local most talented such as Patrick Teoh, Rashid Salleh, Afdlin Shauki, Zahim Albrakri, Jit Murad, Douglas Lim, Mano Maniam, Cheryl Samad, Alwin Wong and Azizan Nin.

Finally, the multi-talented Ernie did some gigs at comedy clubs in America, dabbled at Radio Deeejaying and Master of Ceremonies for all occasions.